Varian INOVA-500 NMR Spectrometer

Varian INOVA-500 features:

  • 3 RF-channels w/waveform generators
  • Varian 5mm z-PFG AutoX DB probe for high frequency (1H—19F) and low frequency (15N— 31P) observe and decouple
  • Nalorac DBG 5mm dual broadband probe
    15N–31P /1H–19F, z-axis PFG
  • Nalorac IDTG 5mm triple resonance probe
    1H–19F{13C /15N}, z-axis PFG
  • Nalorac BB 10mm broadband probe 15N–31P{1H–19F}
  • Automated 2H-gradient shimming
  • Variable temperature control
  • FTS gas-stream cooler (-20C to +80C)
  • z-axis pulsed field gradients
  • ProTune automated probe tuning/matching
  • 1D, 2D, direct and indirect detection experiments
  • VnmrJ 2.2D + ChemPack 4.1 software (RedHat Linux 5.6)
University of Oregon