NanoNet Access

All the following instruments in the CAMCOR Materials Characterization Facility of the Lorry I. Lokey Laboratories are connected to our Nano-net. All instrument connections include high quality Sony pan/tilt/zoom cameras with pre-defined positions of interest for easy navigation and monitoring. All connections are protected with logins and passwords, although a password protected guest account is activated at the moment for all room cameras.

Types of connections:
Many of these instruments also include video replication of dedicated monitors (optical/electron/etc signals) such as seen here:

NanoNet Interface

Also many instruments have authenticated, encrypted VNC (Virtual Network Computer) server connections for live computer resolution display from any web browser as seen here for a dual monitor display:

Server view

All major instruments have live camera room views using a pan/tilt/zoom camera. There is also a live publicly available video for the collaboration area of the ISC area. Pan/tilt/zoom control requires “guest” login.

Collaboration Area
Click picture for access to live video of the Collaboration Area

The following list shows all instrument connections for the ONAMI-CAMCOR nano-net in the Lorry I. Lokey Laboratory (actual PTZ room camera shots). Note that some shots are direct video captures from the video camera using the web interface while other shots are screen snaps of the web interface itself:

Microanalytical Facility (John Donovan)

Surface Analytical Facility (Steve Golledge)

Nano-Fabrication Laboratory (Kurt Langworthy)

High Resolution Laboratory (Josh Razink)

Xray Diffraction Facility (Lev Zakharov)

Laboratory Interface


  • ISC Conference
  • Cameca SX100
  • FEI Quanta
  • Fei Titan
  • TEM 2
  • Zeiss Ultra 55
  • FEI Helios FIB
  • Ion-TOF Tof-SIMS
  • Thermo-Fisher XPS
  • AFM
  • NSOM
  • Bruker Apex
  • Bruker D8
  • Scintag XRD
  • Semi-conductor Lab
  • Characterization Lab
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