Philips PANanalytical X’Pert XRD System

Philips PANanalytical features:

  • Highspeed in situ X-Ray diffraction
  • Inorganic phase analysis on powder and dyestuffs even on smallest sample quantities.
  • Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis
  • Measuring and illustration of kinetic reactions (crystalline phase transitions, kinetics of hydration, dehydration in mineral phases)
  • Measuring of the thickness of poly-crystalline thin layers (3 nm to 300 nm) and interpretation of the roughness at the layer interface
  • Characterisation of poly-crystalline layer systems

Typical Applications:

  • Crystallographic measurements, thin-film thickness measurement
  • Determination of crystal parameters by diffraction of high-energy X-rays
  • Measurement of the distance between crystal planes
  • Wafer characterization
University of Oregon