FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit TEM

TEM Capabilities:

  • 20-120 Kv field emission electron source
  • TWIN lens configuration for high-contrast studies of materials, and biological samples
  • Produces excellent 2D and 3D images with automated functionality
  • Highest TEM throughput in sub-90nm technologies
  • Ability to do electron tomography and diffraction analysis
  • Equipped with an LaB6 filament, single and double tilt holder, and an FEI Eagle 4k CCD camera
  • Bruker SDD EDX detector

Typical Life Science Applications:

  • Dual-axis, Cellular and Electron Tomography
  • Single Particle Analysis
  • Cell-to-Cell Interfacing
  • Viral Load Monitoring
  • Pathology and Medical Diagnostics
  • Toxicology and Drug Delivery
  • Host-pathogen Interactions
University of Oregon