FEI Quanta 200 ESEM/VPSEM Microscopes

FEI Quanta 200 features:

  • High resolution, high output thermal field emission microscope with 3-5 nm resolution
  • Quantitative 3 dimensional stereo and “tri-ocular” imaging and visualization with profile, area, volume, roughness and waviness tools
  • High sensitivity (18mm dia.) backscatter (BSE) detector for atomic number contrast
  • High sensitivity panchromatic cathodo-luminescence (CL) system
  • Thermo high speed 30 sq. mm. SDD EDS for spectrum imaging and phase analysis
  • HKL electron backscatter detection (EBSD) system for orientation imaging and texture mapping of crystalline and polycrystalline materials
  • Variable pressure mode for uncoated non-conductive samples
  • ESEM mode and Peltier cold stage for wet samples (above the partial pressure of water)
  • Hot stage (to 1000C) for in situ annealing experiments
  • Peltier STEM stage for particle imaging

Typical Applications:

  • Electron beam lithography, polycrystalline textures and orientation, nanotechnology, paleontology, anthropology, igneous petrology.
University of Oregon