X-Ray Diffraction Lab

The X-Ray diffraction lab provides equipment for using X-ray diffractin applications to study 3-D atomic structure and other characteristics for a wide range of materials (single crystals (small molecules), thin films, and powder).

Below is a list of instrumentation currently housed in the X-Ray Diffraction Facility. The lab is located in the CAMCOR facility on the University of Oregon campus and is open to all users, both industrial and academic. Included in the instrumentation is the “Smart Apex CCD Area Detector System” developed and made by Bruker Axs Inc.. This is the new generation of X-ray diffraction equipment and holds the APEX CCD Area Detector, a fine focus sealed X-ray tube using Mo-K(alpha) radiation, a MonoCap collimator for increased X-ray beam intensity, and an Oxford Cryostream device to allow data collection at temperatures as low as -173 C.


Dr. Lev Zakharov
X-Ray Crystalllography Facility

University of Oregon