Polymer Characterization and Thermal Analysis Laboratory

The UO Polymer Characterization and Thermal Analysis Laboratory is equipped to determine the processing behavior and thermal and mechanical properties of polymeric materials and polymer based composites as well as polymer molecular weights, molecular weight distributions, and compositions. The laboratory is concerned with the characterization at both basic and applied levels. The goal typically is to understand and improve the processing and performance of these materials for various applications. For this reason the characterization is linked to the parameters that are related to the most desirable properties of the material such as modulus, strength, impermeability, toughness, thermal expansion, optical properties, viscosity and the like.
The laboratory has a dual role as a teaching lab and resource for the Department of Chemistry and The Materials Science Institute as well as a resource center for Industry under auspices of CAMCOR.

Location: Lokey Lab Rm. 86

Instrumentation available includes:




Dr. Casey Check
Polymer Characterization and Thermal Analysis Facility

University of Oregon