Woollam M44 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry entails:

  • Ellipsometry uses polarized light to measure the changes in the polarization state of light reflected from the sample surface.
  • The optical parameters n and k of a material are determined for a number of wavelengths, which yields information about the composition and electronic structure.
  • Film thickness and, in some cases, interfacial roughness can be determined for multilayer systems.

Typical Applications:

  • Optical technique primarily used to characterize thin films.
  • Investigating overlayer roughness, interface, alloy composition, degree of crystallinity, anisotropic and graded layers.
  • Characterize multilayer systems and materials at the nano scale, a technique that is well established in the semiconductor, flat panel display, thin film coating and solar cell industries.
  • Under intense development in other disciplines such as biology as it is very sensitive to small changes that can happen at the sample surface.
University of Oregon