Titan 80-300 TEM with EDX and EELS

This facility offers the following TEM applications and techniques:

  • 80-300 Kv field emission electron source
  • 0.8 Angstrom resolution in TEM mode; 1.4 Angstrom STEM resolution
  • Spherical aberration corrector (Cs Corrector)
  • Bright field, dark field, and high angle annular dark field (HAADF) STEM imaging
  • Gatan GIF for energy filtered imaging and electron energy loss spectroscopy
  • Gatan 2K x 2K CCD for image capturing
  • EDAX EDS detector for x-ray analysis and mapping
  • High angle tomography stage and holders for TEM and STEM tomography

Typical Applications:

  • HR-TEM bight field microscopy for biological and material samples
  • STEM imaging
  • Tomography (BF and STEM)
  • Elemental analysis (EDS)
  • EELS analysis and image filtering
University of Oregon