TA Instruments Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA Q800)

Features and Specifications:

  • Provides viscoelastic measurements on materials from 1000 Pa to 1000 GPa
  • Temperature range of operation is -150 to 600 deg C
  • Frequency range of operation is 0.01 to 200 Hz
  • The force range is 0.0001 to 18 Newtons
  • The amplitude range is 0.5 to 10,000 microns
  • Module is designed with a full VGA touch control color screen, automated furnace movement, and easy clamping accessibility

Typical Applications:

  • Polypropylene Impact Resistance by Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Polymers
  • Improvements in DMA Measurements Using Low-Friction 3-Point Bending Clamps
  • Characterization of printed circuit board materials by DMA
  • Characterization of packaging films performance by DMA creep recovery
  • Measurement of the glass transition temperature using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
University of Oregon