Solar cell I-V characterization system

Futures and specifications:

  • Newport Oriel Class AAA solar simulation with Xenon light source and 8×8 in. illuminated area.
  • Solar simulator certified to IEC 60904-9 Edition 2 (2007), JIS C 8912, and ASTM E 927-05 standards for Spectral Match, Non-Uniformity of Irradiance, and Temporal Instability of Irradiance.
  • 20A-20V Kepco BOP based I-V curve tracer for 6–8″ solar cell characterization.
  • Keithley 236/2400 for low current solar cell testing.
  • Temperature controlled 8×8 in. sample stage.

Typical application:

  • Determination of solar cell parameters such as efficiency, fill factor, short circuit current density, open circuit voltage, and serial/parasitic resistance.
University of Oregon