Perkin Elmer Lambda-1050 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer

Futures and specifications:

  • Deuterium and Tungsten Halogen light sources with double holographic grating monochromators.
  • PMT, InGaAs, and PbS 3-detector module for testing across the entire UV/Vis/NIR range from 175 nm to 3300 nm.
  • 150 mm Integrating Sphere with PMT and InGaAs detectors (250 nm ∼ 2500 nm) for diffusive reflectance and transmittance measurement. Samples can be mounted inside the sphere.
  • Common beam depolarizer and absolute reflectance accessory.
  • See Lambda-1050 specification for more details.

Typical application:

  • Solar cell material characterization through optical absorption spectrum.
  • Characterization of optical coating and specialty glass.
  • Spectral analysis of inks, dyes, pigments, and paints.
University of Oregon