ION-TOF Model IV Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

ToF-SIMS provides:

  • A mass spectrum of the outermost 12Å of a surface
  • Identification of structural units present at the surface (e.g. monomeric components and repeat units)
  • Fingerprint identification of polymers
  • Information on surface degradation and contamination
  • Spatial imaging of the surface chemistry
  • A full mass spectrum from every pixel of an image
  • High mass resolution
  • Extremely high analytical sensitivity
  • Destructive elemental depth profiles several thousand Å into the sample

Typical Applications:

  • Identifying the elemental composition and the chemical status near the surface (around 5 angstrom) with high sensitivity (~1ppm) and high mass resolution (~9000).
  • Distinguishing the different isotopes of the same element.
  • Imaging the topography of surface using the secondary electrons.
  • Mapping chemical species on the submicron scale.
  • Ultra-thin depth profiling.
University of Oregon