FEI Helios 600 and 600i FIB-SEM

FIB-SEM Provides:

  • Field emission electron and ion beam sources, allowing high resolution SEM imaging and excellent ion beam density
  • Omniprobe and FEI micromanipulators for in-situ sample manipulation
  • Electron flood gun charge neutralizer to assist in milling insulation substrates
  • Quorum cryo transfer system for beam sensitive materials such as polymers or biological specimens
  • ¬†Gas injection systems to assist with electron/ion beam metal deposition, and ion milling applications (Pt, Insulator enhanced etch (XeF2), Selective carbon mill, and Carbon)
  • 5-axes eucentric stage
  • 16-bit patterning system
  • STEM, Thru-lens immersion, Everhart-Thornley, CDEM, and CBS detectors
  • drift-corrected frame integration imaging
  • MAPS software for large area, high resolution imaging

Typical Applications:

  • Site specific preparation of cross sections for high resolution SEM and TEM analysis.
  • Deposition of metal contacts to devices
  • SEM and Ion beam imaging of substrates
University of Oregon