Bruker AXS D8 Discover XRD System

D8 Discover features:

  • Third generation Göbel Mirrors providing the x-ray highest flux density
  • System is designed for easy and failsafe operation
  • Motorized absorber allow fully automatic operation without user intervention
  • High performance optics provide the optimum resolution for each application and sample
  • Different types of Eulerian cradles provide advantage for residual stress, texture, micro-diffraction investigations
  • For x-ray reflectometry on coatings or semiconductors dedicated stages allow even temperature studies
  • Shortest measurement times achieved using Ultra GID and the VANTEC-1 detector.

Typical Applications:

  • Thin Film analysis solutions for quality control, product and process development.
  • XRD systems support comprehensive measurements, intelligent scripts take care of the routine work.
University of Oregon