Commercial Services

CAMCOR proudly offers commercial materials characterization services to nearly every industry sector.

RATES: CAMCOR Commercial rates FY20-21.

Please contact us for a project specific quote, or to inquire about expanded capabilities and accessories not explicitly published.

TERMS: CAMCOR Testing Services Agreement.

Before submitting samples, please read and sign the CAMCOR Testing Services Agreement. If modifications to the language are requested, please contact CAMCOR Director, Kurt Langworthy, who can facilitate edits to the document.

PAYMENT: We accept credit cards, purchase orders, and checks.

We typically invoice our services near the end of each month. Please inquire if your organization prefers immediate billing after a project is completed.

SHIPPING ADDRESS: CAMCOR, 1443 E. 13th Ave., Eugene,OR 97403

We appreciate customers clearly labeling samples and sending any additional information useful for processing the samples — useful items include: sample/service request details, PO/payment information, and instructions on sample disposal/return.

MORE INFO AND SPECIAL SAVINGS: For additional details on CAMCOR commercial services, to obtain a project-specific quote, inquire about current turnaround times, or details regarding large-volume discounts, or internship rates (up to ~40% savings on instrument time for partners of our graduate internship programs) please contact CAMCOR Director Kurt Langworthy at 541-346-3660 or

Thank you for your business!!

Questions?: Contact Kurt Langworthy at 541-346-3660 or

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