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ASCI 2017 Speakers

Andrew Borst, University of Washington

David Belnap, University of Utah

Nigel Browning, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Geoffrey Campbell, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Soeren Eyhusen, Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC

Andy Herzing, NIST

Matt Johnson, University of Washington

Kevin Johnson, INTEL

Douglas L. Medlin, Sandia National Laboratories

Peter Moeck, Portland State University

Jordan Moering, Protochips

Sung Park, CEO, Molecular Vista

Emilie Ringe, Rice University

James Williams, University of Washington


Session Chairs

Justin Kollman, University of Washington – Seattle

Benjamin McMorran, University of Oregon – Eugene

David Johnson, University of Oregon – Eugene

Kurt Langworthy, University of Oregon – Eugene


Focused Sessions will be offered on:

  • Analysis of Materials using TEM, Atom Probe Tomography and other imaging and imaging related technologies
  • Imaging in the Life Sciences
  • Imaging of Magnetic Materials using TEM
  • Analytical challenges in determining structure and composition in ultra small volumes

MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017

— details forthcoming

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017

— details forthcoming

University of Oregon