Tuesday, November 5

8:45-9:10                             Coffee/Breakfast

9:10-9:15                              Welcoming Remarks | Kurt Langworthy, University of Oregon

9:15-9:45                              Introduction to the Helios Hydra | Brandon Van Leer, Thermo Fisher

9:45-10:15                            Sample Preparation for High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy Using Xe PFIB | Suzy Vitale, Carnegie Institution

10:15-10:45                          Ion Technology Future and Past | Bruce Arey, PNNL

10:45-12:30                         PFIB DEMO- TEM Sample Prep Using Xe and Ar

12:30-1:30                            Lunch

1:30-2:00                              Microstructural Characterization of Nuclear Materials | Brandon Miller, INL

2:00-2:30                              Oxygen Plasma Focused Ion Beam Milling: Improving the Rates and Geometry of Ion Based Diamond Microfabrication via Chemically Active Ion Species | Aiden Martin, LLNL

2:30-4:00                              PFIB DEMO- Minimizing Curtaining: Rocking Polish and Oxygen Milling

No Host Dinner

Wednesday, November 6

8:45- 9:15              Coffee/Breakfast

9:15-9:45              ToF-SIMS Analysis of Residual Oxygen and Nitrogen Ion Beam Implantation | Kurt Langworthy and Stephen Golledge, University of Oregon

9:45- 10:15           TBD: Chad Rue, TFS or Cameron Johnson, University of Oregon

10:15- 12:00         PFIB DEMO – Atom Probe Preparation

12:00-1:00            Lunch

1:00-3:00              PFIB DEMO – 3D Serial Sectioning / Open Session

University of Oregon